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I am developing simple web application in ruby on rails 3, where users can upload images and uploaded all images has to be displayed. Successfully i uploaded images into folder(photos) which is located in public and stored their url path in database.I am getting problem in displaying images.


<% @photo.each do |photo| %>
      <td><img src = "#{photo.url}" /></td>

in photos controller

def image
  @photo = Photo.all

when iam giving path(photos/pic1.jpg) the loop has been working but it displaying only one image, if iam using photo.url it has been not displaying any image.

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To render some variable value into erb template you should use <%= ... %> instead of regular string interpolation #{...}. In your case you can do:

<img src = "<%= photo.url %>" />

Or, better, you can use image_tag helper:

<%= image_tag photo.url %>
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