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I have 3 JPanels on my JFrame. Anyhow the JPanels expand vertically and horizontally as the JFrame is being re-sized they are bound to JFrame.

I am wondering how do i set JScrollPane that is inside one of the JPanels to be bound to that JPanel so if that JPanel is being re-sized so is the JScrollPane inside it.

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If you have a JPanel containing only one JComponent which should scale with the panel, one of the easiest layout manager options is the BorderLayout and adding the contents in the center

JPanel panel = new JPanel( new BorderLayout() );
JComponent componentToAdd = ...;
panel.add( componentToAdd, BorderLayout.CENTER );

There is a whole Swing tutorial on the different layout managers which describes in which situations the differentmanagers are most suited

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How about if the JPanel containt a JComboBox and bellow it JScrollPane –  Sterling Duchess Jan 1 '12 at 20:31
A BorderLayout can only contain one component in each location, and only the CENTER location stretches it contents horizontally and vertically (see latest paragraph of the BorderLayout javadoc). So it depends on your requirements whether you can use it or not (e.g. by adding the JComboBox to the NORTH and the scroll pane to the CENTER) –  Robin Jan 1 '12 at 20:38
thanks worked like a charm –  Sterling Duchess Jan 1 '12 at 20:41

This would require you to give the JPanel a correct layout such as a BorderLayout, GridLayout, BoxLayout, or other depending on the need (but not JPanel's default layout -- FlowLayout -- which does not change the preferredSize of the components held).. If a BorderLayout, then add the JPanel BorderLayout.CENTER (or in another position again depending on need). If you are not familiar with the basic layouts, you will want to read through and study the tutorials which can be found here:

Lesson: Laying Out Components Within a Container

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