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This is probably a very simple question. Say I had a class that computed the gcd, called Gcdcomp. The code in that class all works. When i refer to it in my main block of code, I say..

Gcdcomp.getGcd(a, hii);

a and hii are my two variables. By default, the Getgcd class uses int a and int b and will return a after executing euclids algorithm. How do I use that returned value as a variable in my main code?

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Would be useful to know the declaration of Gcdcomp.getGcd()... – nairdaen Jan 1 '12 at 21:19
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You can assign the result of a function call directly to a variable, like this (assuming that getGcd returns an int):

int result = Gcdcomp.getGcd(a, hii);

Or if result is already declared beforehand, you can omit the declaration, like this:

result = Gcdcomp.getGcd(a, hii);
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Yep, that was very easy. Thank you : ) I will accept in a few minutes. – Wilson Jan 1 '12 at 21:14
int gcd = Gcdcomp.getGcd(a, hii);
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This is the pattern for using methods:

int myMethod(int x) {
    int y = x * 3;
    return y;


int z = myMethod(57);
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You'd have to write a get method that would return that value.

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