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SQL Server 2005/8 allows you to associate a synonym with a remote table (i.e. a table on a different instance - the reference is via a 4-part name, which includes the link server name). Does anyone know whether SQL Server 2012 allows a synonym to be directly associated to the Link Server name (rather than a table which exists on the target)

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Looking at the Books Online for SQL Server Denali, there appears to be no change in syntax or usage for SYNONYM's. Probably a safe bet to assume there will be no difference.

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Many thanks - disappointing tho –  Travis Ingram Jan 2 '12 at 23:51

Why don't you just duplicate the linked server with your desired new name? That's not a synonym, but the same server will be available with two names, so in practice they are pretty much the same.

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The issue I have the Dev and UAT database existing on the same SQL Server instance (and hence each points to a different [Dev and UAT resp.] link server). There are views/stored-procedures that have hardcoded link server names (some via OPENQUERY, some using the 4-part name). It's not too bad creating synonyms for the 4-part name references but for the OPENQUERY references I need to convert all calls to 4-part names, then use synonyms –  Travis Ingram Jan 2 '12 at 23:51

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