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Is there a free cloud based database service I can use for an application (hosted online and not on my own server) and a winform desktop application (running on my pc).

I'd like to use one so that both apps can use the same database.

SQL Azure looks like a good solution but has no free option.

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Have you tried

They have a number of free database providers including SQL Server, mySQL, Mongo and Cloudant. They'll also build and test your software providing it's hosted on Github, Bitbucket or Codeplex. If you don't care about that, they'll still give the connection string to work with your winforms apps.

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This works really well, I have tested it from my app and the desktop app using MySQL Yocto (20 MB). There are also lots of other free options other than MySQL. – Hoody Jan 2 '12 at 11:22
Did you try They're a free hybrid NoSQL database as a service and they give 50 USD/month free. Let me know if this helps. :) – Nawaz - May 25 '15 at 6:18

I've never used it but, for minimal use, you can use Amazon SimpleDB.

Free Tier*

You can get started with Amazon SimpleDB for free. New and existing customers receive 25 SimpleDB Machine Hours and 1 GB of Storage for free each month. Many applications should be able to operate perpetually within these free tier limits.

I doubt you're going to be able to find a completely free cloud solution for databases.

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It's really easy to use with C#, and unless you're storing binary it's essentially free – Chris S Jan 1 '12 at 22:10
That's true, it depends on OP's requirements. It should be fine if the project isn't too heavy on the usage. – keyboardP Jan 1 '12 at 22:12

Ragic also have a free tier for less than 1000 entries. And paid tier is pretty cheap too for $5 per month.

It should work something like this:

  1. Put the data on an online database with HTTP API like Ragic
  2. Have both your web app and mobile app retrieve and update data to the online database.
  3. Each time the data is update, changes will be reflected on both ends.
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