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I'm very new to Mathematica. I want to use it as a data source for gnuplot (I know Mathematica can plot too), it uses a file format with data in columns and a space between each column on each row. Like this:

x y
1 123
2 234
4 456


I've come as far as to create this expression:

{CountryData["G8"], CountryData[#, "GDP"] & /@ CountryData["G8"]} // Transpose // Grid

This creates a table just like I want it. Now, how can I export this to a file not as matrix but as a table like it appears in Mathematica?

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You may find this link of use: forums.wolfram.com/student-support/topics/24465 –  David Carraher Jan 1 '12 at 23:16

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Your CountryData usage can be streamlined a bit. Combining this with Export you get this:

  {#, CountryData[#, "GDP"]} & /@ CountryData["G8"], 
 "FieldSeparators" -> " "

Replace the above file path with something appropriate for your situation.

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Mathematica supports a wide range of Export formats. Something like Export["mytable.csv",nameofexpression] should do the trick, Export["file.dat",nameofexpression,"Table"] for space /tab delimited.

This tutorial should help.

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