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I want to use SFML with C# .NET. I've had to get SFML 2.0 since 1.6 apparently had some issues with AMD graphics cards. The issue is that the constructor of SFML.Window.Window enters an infinite loop.

My code:

using SFML;
using SFML.Window;
using SFML.Graphics;

namespace SFML
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            SFML.Window.Window window = new SFML.Window.Window(new VideoMode(800, 600), "Test widow");

It seems like nobody else on the internet has this issue, and I've tried it on another computer with the same result. Any help will be extremely appreciated.

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Not sure you're creating the Window appropriately. Look at the examples from the Github source. If you're doing OpenGL, you'd use RenderWindow for instantiating your window object:


For 2D windows:


Also note the inclusion of Tao bindings in those examples.

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