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I have a Maven project (in Eclipse using the m2eclipse plugin) that contains code in two different languages (Java and Clojure).

Ideally I'd like two separate source folders for the two languages:

  • src/main/java
  • src/main/clj

Eclipse is happy with having two source directories defined in the project. However, as far as I can work out, Maven only supports a single source directory as follows:


If I add a second sourceDirectory to the pom.xml, I get an error.....

Is there a recommended way to configure this kind of polyglot project in Maven?

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I don't believe you need to do that; the Clojure plugin should already know how to find Clojure source (although IIRC it defaults to src/main/clojure).

See here for some details.

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Point is, sourceDirectory is for Java. Mostly, at least. Clojure sources directory depends on the plugin you use; e.g. https://github.com/talios/clojure-maven-plugin uses the following subtags:


These are default values, so if you use clojure instead of clj, you should be just fine without configuration.

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The Build Helper Maven Plugin allows you to add additional source directories.

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OK, I found a reasonably good way of making this work: the trick is to classify your Clojure source directories as resource directories in Maven. This way the .clj files get included in the generated .jar as you would expect.

Relevant part of the pom.xml:



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