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I run vim in a full-screen bash terminal with transparency enabled. (This is a nice setup for a laptop--almost makes me not miss my multi-monitor rig when I'm away from my desk.)

The trouble I'm running into is that most color schemes, such as the otherwise excellent desert256, set some kind of highlighting color behind the text, usually black. The net effect is a mostly transparent terminal with blocks of black behind each line of code, obscuring whatever they are in front of.

Some of the default color schemes, such as elflord, do not do this. The background remains consistently transparent.

Is there a setting I can execute in my .vimrc after setting the colorscheme to remove the text background color? I use a pathogen plugin to refresh my color schemes from GitHub, so I don't want to edit my local copies.

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Found the answer. I added this to my .vimrc after the colorscheme line:

hi Normal ctermbg=NONE
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Thanks for posting the answer. For reference, I also had to make sure this was placed after 'syntax on' as well. –  Josh Whittington May 1 '14 at 17:30

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