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Sometimes, I am writing primarily in English and I need to enter a special unicode character, like the degree symbol or the Greek letter theta. However, the two option of either memorizing the Unicode hex value, or copy/pasting it from the Internet are both very unsatisfactory.

Is there a way I can create a custom command (say :theta) such that when I enter the command, it automatically inserts the special character exactly where I need it?

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Even though I don't think this question is something that shouldn't be on stackoverflow, you might get a better answer here: unix.stackexchange.com –  Dave Jan 2 '12 at 1:01

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Lookup :abbr and :map for starters. I use :map quite often for sequences of vim commands, but more typically use yank and pull to deal with awkward characters. You might use "tyl to yank a letter (such as θ) into a named buffer (t in this case) and then pull it when needed (from command mode) with "tp. You can build up a repertoire if you're careful.

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