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I have javascript file in following directory


All I want to do from handler.js function call a function in evercookie.js. for example
in handler.js

   var ec = new evercookie();
        cookiePresent = false
        ec.get(suggestion_id, function(value) { 
            alert("Cookie value is " + value);
            cookiePresent = true;
    if (cookiePresent) {
        } else {
            ec.set(suggestion_id, "1");
            alert("cookie set for " + suggestion_id);

where evercookie() is in evercookie.js

when I try this it fails saying evercookie not found

How shall I fix this?

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Make sure that the order of your scripts is correct - evercookie.js needs to be referenced before any other script can use it.





The browser parses and interprets HTML, CSS and JavaScript top-down so if you try to access a property or instantiate an object that doesn't exist the browser will error...

More on Browser Parsing:


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Xander what does that mean and how it affects? –  daydreamer Jan 2 '12 at 2:44
yes it does! @Xander, thank you –  daydreamer Jan 2 '12 at 3:14

You have to either just put the evercookie.js code above the code in your handler.js file, or you have to link to evercookie.js BEFORE you link to handler.js.

<script src="static/evercookie.js">
<script src="static/handler.js">
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