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Can anyone share app/ways to record current android screen device? i know this app: http://tandroidapk.blogspot.com/2011/12/screencast-video-recorder-android-app.html but somehow i can't installed it in my HTC Hero device.

Is there any other solution? I can't use emulator because I'm using accelerometer function Thanks.

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Check out : http://blog.ribomation.com/droid-at-screen/

This will get your android device screen to your laptop. Use some screen recording software for PC/Mac (e.g.: Camtasia Studio) to do screen recording and save.

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I have tried it and it's not a video it's a recording screen-shots and store them into a directory. But what i really want a video if you have other solution. The fastest is only 100 frames/minute if i use that picture become video is not smooth. Thanks. –  user430926 Jan 2 '12 at 4:26

A few months I wrote a summary of the available root and non-root recorder apps here:


In addition to apps there are some USB tools (e.g., Mobizen) that stream the screen across USB (limited by low USB bandwdith and can't record audio) and some devices can also transmit the screen over wifi, which can then captured on a separate device.

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