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my question is how can I divide a background into multiple colored sections. I'm pretty new to coding, so if you could maybe give me a brief explanation I would appreciate it. Thanks.

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Can you provide more information? What type of background? –  Shawn Janas Jan 2 '12 at 3:24
uh, html? sorry, i really dont mean to be a fustration –  Gavin Craig Jan 2 '12 at 3:46

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Code For Spiting the page  

<div align="top" style="width:1024;height:100;border:solid;border-width:2;background:#ccc;">
<img src="yourimage.jpg" height="100" width="1024"></img>

<div style="width:1024;height:200;background:#dedede;">
<div style="width:300;height:200;border:solid;border-width:2;float:left;background:#414141;"></div>
<div style="width:300;height:200;border:solid;border-width:2;float:right;background:#616161;"></div>

<div align="bottom" style="height:100;width:1024;border:solid;background:#868686;"">
<center>Hello World</center>
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have a look into div's

HTML div Tag

then set a background in the CSS style

CSS background-color

that's all think off with out having an example of that your trying to do.

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