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I don't understand what I have to install to make EmguCV work.I opened the sample-src provided with EmguCV ,but I get errors in Visual studio 2008.

I also tried other .NET wrappers for OpenCV,but none of them worked(including the examples). A message "(sample program) has encounted a problem and needs to close.Please report this error to microsoft bla bla bla" is shown after I run any program that uses the OpenCV.

How to make this work in C#?

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Are all the required .dlls in place? Try copying all the Emgu .dlls to the directory containing the .exe.

To automate this I added a post-build event in Visual Studio:

xcopy /Y /D /F $(ProjectDir)Emgu.CV.Binary-\*.dll $(TargetDir)

You need to set the correct source directory (I like to keep my libs along with the sources).

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I had problems with examples when I used Visual Studio 2010, and this is what I did:

  1. Removed References: Emgu.CV.dll Emgu.UI.dll Emgu.Util.dll
  2. From 'Project' menu -> Preferences -> and changed the .Net Framework target to 3.5
  3. I added the DLLs that I have downloaded (the ones with the same name I deleted before)
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There is a nice writeup on this added after the answers above:

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