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Are there any stream-reading, parsing libraries available for json or xml formats in AS3? I'm setting up a long-polling application, using URLStream/URLRequest. I do not have control over the data I'm receiving other than a choice between formats. I'd like to have a parser that can handle fragments at a time, which would allow me to trigger custom events when certain complete fragments become available. Thoughts? What are current AIR applications doing to handle this?

Sample API:

var decoder:StreamingJSONDecoder = new StreamingJSONDecoder();
decoder.attachEvent("onobjectavailable", read_object); 

while (urlStream.bytesAvailable) 
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Have a look at the AS3 Corelib:

It's an Adobe library. There should be more info on

I did have an issues with the RSS parser on the date format, but other than that, everything seemed fine.


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Correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think the APIs provided by as3corelib support streaming. I added some sample code to my original question to clarify. – Kurtiss Hare May 18 '09 at 20:03
Sorry...I didn't read the question properly. The latest details on the as3 JSON library I read were…. Can't help much though :( – George Profenza May 19 '09 at 10:23

The current AIR release (v2.5) bundles a newer WebKit that has native JSON support, via JSON.stringify() and JSON.parse().

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You could potentially use a URLStream instance to progressively download the data from a remote network, then decode the JSON result when enough data is available.

Something like this (not tested, just to give you an idea):

var stream:URLStream = new URLStream();
stream.addEventListener( ProgressEvent.PROGRESS, handleProgress );
stream.load( new URLRequest( "/path/to/data" ) );

function handleProgress( event:ProgressEvent ):void
    // Attempt to read as much from the stream as we can at this point in time
    while ( stream.bytesAvailable )
        // Look for a JSONParseError if the JSON is not complete or not
        // encoded correctly.
        // Look for an EOFError is we can't read a UTF string completely
        // from the stream.
            var result:* = JSON.decode( stream.readUTF() );
            // If we're here, we were able to read at least one decoded JSON object
            // while handling this progress event
        catch ( e:Error )
            // Can't read, abort the while loop and try again next time we
            // get download progress.
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