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I have to move a table into other table using a stored procedure by passing the table names as parameters.

Syntax is:

alter procedure [dbo].[moving]
    @to_table varchar(50),
    @from_table varchar(50)
    EXEC('Select * into '+@to_table+'from '+@from_table)

while executing by.

exec moving newtable,hello

It is giving an error:

Incorrect syntax near 'hello'

pls anyone give solution for this

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Add an extra space before the 'from': ' from ' –  Hans Kesting Jan 2 '12 at 7:03

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exec moving 'newtable','hello'

It also looks like you are going to need to fix your SP. You will need a space before from:

EXEC('Select * into '+@to_table+' from '+@from_table)
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Read EXECUTE syntax and try,

EXEC moving 'newtable','hello'
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SELECT ... INTO needs to create table, if table exists use INSERT INTO ... SELECT ..FROM


in your case you need to run SP in such a way:

EXEC dbo.moving 'table1', 'table2'


EXEC('Select * into '+@to_table+' from '+@from_table)

will not work, you need to rewrite it with variable:

declare @sql nvarchar(max)
SET @sql = N'Select * into ['+@to_table+N'] from ['+@from_table+N']'


you also need to worry of sql injections and complex table names AT LEAST, so - for complex table names I already framed your tables with square braces, and you need to do something to prevent sql injections.

And once more - SELECT...INTO works only if you creating new table with name from @to_table parameter

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add an extra space after single quote and FROM

EXEC('Select * into ' + @to_table + ' from ' + @from_table)
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That isn't why he is getting the error he is getting. I've already mentioned the need for a space in my answer. –  xbrady Jan 2 '12 at 7:05

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