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I'm writing a client-side application with Javascript, I'm using the following functions :

function creation() {
var userSelection;
if (window.getSelection) {
    userSelection = window.getSelection();
else if (document.selection) { // should come last; Opera!
    userSelection = document.selection.createRange();

var rangeObject = getRangeObject(userSelection);
var startOffset = rangeObject.startOffset;
var endOffset = rangeObject.endOffset;
var startCon = rangeObject.startContainer;
var endCon = rangeObject.endContainer;
var myRange = document.createRange();
myRange.setEnd(endCon, rangeObject.endOffset);

function getRangeObject(selectionObject) {
if (selectionObject.getRangeAt) {
    var ret = selectionObject.getRangeAt(0);
    return ret;
else { // Safari!
    var range = document.createRange();
    range.setStart(selectionObject.anchorNode, selectionObject.anchorOffset);
    range.setEnd(selectionObject.focusNode, selectionObject.focusOffset);
    return range;

I need a way to know the character offset related to body element. I found a function with counts the character in an element :

function getCharacterOffsetWithin(range, node) {
var treeWalker = document.createTreeWalker(
        function (node) {
            var nodeRange = document.createRange();
            return nodeRange.compareBoundaryPoints(Range.END_TO_END, range) < 1 ?
                    NodeFilter.FILTER_ACCEPT : NodeFilter.FILTER_REJECT;

var charCount = 0;
while (treeWalker.nextNode()) {
    charCount += treeWalker.currentNode.length;
if (range.startContainer.nodeType == 3) {
    charCount += range.startOffset;
return charCount;
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That looks like a function from one of my answers. I overcomplicated it a little; see this answer for a simpler function that works in IE < 9 as well: You can just pass in document.body as the node parameter. Also, please read the part in the linked answer about the shortcomings of this approach.

Here's a live demo:

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thanks my friend, but I really need is a range with the startOffset and endOffset related to body. This range is selected by client , that's why i used the window.getSelection(). – Ata Iravani Jan 3 '12 at 6:23
Note that i use Webkit engine in my project, i does not really need a cross browser solution. – Ata Iravani Jan 3 '12 at 6:24
I used your solution but the function u wrote, returns the endOffset, and it ignores line breaks, too – Ata Iravani Jan 3 '12 at 6:28
@AtaIravani: As I mentioned in my answer, changing the demo to use the body rather than another element is just a matter of passing document.body into getCaretCharacterOffsetWithin(). Also, I did mention in the linked answer that the solution is naive and doesn't deal with line breaks created by block elements. Writing a general solution for this is actually surprisingly tricky. I'm currently working on one. – Tim Down Jan 3 '12 at 10:33

Has this been "solved" in a way to get the caretOffset inside innerText and not textContent ?

I've got a solution that works, after a select via double-click is made ...

A better way to extract innerText around getSelection()

Is there even a better way?

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