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I have an android tablet. I made a swf file with mouse events, it rotates images to right and left. I wanted to put it on Android and run it as an .apk file which consists of the swf file embeded within it. I tried running the swf file through webView it works perfectly fine. But i wanted to make it as an application. Can you please let me how to do this


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I have run .swf files packaged as .apk files using Adobe Flash CS5. Using the application, you just need to create a swf file with the stage size equivalent to the resolution of the screen and then while publishing, just publish it as an .apk file. You can either run it directly on your phone connected to your PC by using the USB Debugging mode in Android or simply download the .apk file and install it like any other application on your device. In CS5, you need the Air for Android plugin to package your swf file as an apk but in CS5.5, this feature is present by default. Hope this helps.

Here's the link for the CS5 extension : http://kiran.dhoux.com/air-for-android-extension-for-flash-cs5-to-develop-apps-for-android-devices/

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