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%yaourt -Qi ocaml-ocsigenserver
name   : ocaml-ocsigenserver
version  : 2.0.2-1

%cat ocsigen.conf.qachina


    <findlib path="/usr/lib/ocaml"/>

    <extension findlib-package="ocsigenserver.ext.staticmod"/>
    <extension findlib-package="ocsigenserver.ext.cgimod">
        <cgitimeout value="30"/>

    <host charset="utf-8" hostfilter="*">
        <site path="ocsigenstuff">
            <static dir="/srv/ocsigenserver/ocsigenstuff" />

        <site path="qachina">
           <cgi regexp="cgi-bin/([^/]*)" dir="/media/E/www/qachina/cgi-bin/" script="\1" />
           <static dir="/media/E/www/qachina" />

       <static dir="/srv/ocsigenserver" />

%ocsigen -c ocsigen.conf.qachina

When visiting, it works great! However, no matter visiting or, it reports 404 error!

Any suggestion is appreciated!

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I would ask that on some ocsigen mailing list or forum. Last time (a year ago) when I tried ocsigen I noticed that the parsing of the configuration file don't give sensible error messages. – Basile Starynkevitch Jan 2 '12 at 7:50
Did you try running ocsigen with -V option? – Stéphane Glondu Jan 2 '12 at 13:38
The "-V" is very helpful. It tells us that ocsigen need "index.html" not "index.htm". After changing it to index.html, all works great! – z_axis Jan 3 '12 at 6:12
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There is nothing wrong with your config file. Ocsigen is looking for "index.html" in the directory, but you provided "index.htm", so it returns a "page not found" error.

As Stéphane pointed out, such a problem can be discovered by running ocsigen using the -V option.

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