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I have an Android application which calls a long-lasting (several hours) static class method. This class is a general purpose class and should know nothing about Android and its API. My application obviously should display the progress of this action. What is the best way to organize interaction between Activity and this class? I consider defining some IProgress interface, implement it in Activity and let static class use it to update its status. But may be there is a better approach?

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I would call the long-lasting operation within an AsyncTask.

  1. You could take in the IProgress callback as a constructor to your AsyncTask.
  2. In the doInBackground(), do your long-lasting task, get its status and publish it using publishProgress() In your onProgressUpdate, do a callback.displayProgress().
  3. This displayProgress() would have the UI code to display the progress.
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One of the Best way to add External Jars to your Android Projectis:

  • Create a folder call 'lib' into you project root folder
    • Copy your Jar files to the lib folder
    • Now right click on Project -> JavaBuild Path ->Add Jar -> Select the project-> select lib directory-> select the jar file-> click ok button. This will add the jar into your project
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