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I am developing application in rails , where i have made use of state_machine (https://github.com/pluginaweek/state_machine/).

Here i wanted to check condition in one state , based on condition state changes from another state . (i.e consider state1 , state2 and state3 are states if(a>b) {state1 => state2 }else {state1 =>state3}) ,

i wanted to know how this will be accomplished in state machine . kindly help me out in this

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In state_machine, you define events that change the state of the underlying object. You can also set the state attribute to the state that you want.

In your case you'd do:

a.state = a > b ? "state2" : "state3"

You can also check the state with:


What you should do is define an event that describes the transition from state1 to state2 or state3. For instance:

state_machines :state, initial: :state1 do

  event :go_to_state2 do
    transition state1: :state2

  event :go_to_state3 do
    transition state1: :state3


Then, you transition state like this:

if a > b

Using the events are a lot cleaner way of manipulating the state. This is all covered in the Readme on the plugin's github page

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thanks andrew , you mean to say define separate event for each path i got the idea. –  Vijay Sali Jan 2 '12 at 8:52

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