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Im drawing an image on picture box which is in stretch mode,I translate the mouse coordinates on the mouse click event by using a function to obtain the real coordinates and draw the image by overriding the on-paint event and using the paint event Graphics. Since the picture box is set to stretch i only obtain a small size image when i try to save the image by using picturebox.DrawtoBitmap Function.The extra parts are padded with Black colour.Please help me out.

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If you know how to draw it into a picture box then you know how to draw it into any bitmap. Graphics.ScaleTransform is your friend. – Hans Passant Jan 2 '12 at 14:12

You can try this:

using (Bitmap bmp = new Bitmap(pictureBox1.ClientSize.Width,
                               pictureBox1.ClientSize.Height)) {
  using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(bmp)) {
                new Rectangle(0, 0, bmp.Width, bmp.Height),
                new Rectangle(0, 0, yourImage.Width, yourImage.Height),
  bmp.Save(@"c:\yourfile.png", ImageFormat.Png);
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