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My JSP based wesite is already in production, running over OC4J (managed by opmnctl). When the application is down, users get a 500 error page. This is not a top-level domain, it is like:


How can I implement a 'welcome' page? it needs to show login screen if the application is running, otherwise show a 'Site Under Maintenance' message in case of OC4J being down.

I am sure it is not possible to use JSP on this welcome page when OC4J is down (altough it was desirable because application status is stored in a table, and it could be easily fetched from db using JSP).

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If you have a web server in front of your app server, just create a static maintenance page and store it on your web server (e.g. document root on apache based servers). – home Jan 2 '12 at 9:03
The document root for my specific application is not statically defined, rather it is created when the application is deployed. I am unable to find the location where this documentRoot is defined by OC4J when it deploys the application. – Khalid Amin Jan 2 '12 at 11:02
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If the OC4J is down, it means that you have no container to run your JSPs.
But, you can still return a nice error page from a different site or HTML. For doing that you need to configure the Apache HTTP server. This is done in the httpd.conf file, using the ErrorDocument part.
Look here for more details

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