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In my ruby application I have used a tabbed menu Say I have 3 tabs tabA,tabB,tabC. My default tab is A. Assuming I am in tabB and on page refresh it takes me to tabA instead of tabB. Is there a way to remember this tab and on refresh automatically poiting to the last openened tab.

-set_title "ICs"
-content_for :content_title do
  = link_to "Test Case Manager", "/"
  = "IC Browser"
    %td.grid.full_panels{:style => "width: 30%"}
      -panel "IC Filter" do
        = render "filter",:root_name=>params[:root_name],:suite_name=>params[:suite_name],:case_name=>params[:case_name],:name=>params[:name],:ic_filter=>1
    %td.grid.full_panels{:style => "width: 70%"}
      - tabbed_panel "ICs", [["Available", "all_ics"], ["New", "new_ics"], ["Obsolete", "obsolete_ics"], ['New IC', 'ic_stub']] do
        #all_ics.tab_container.table_wrapper{:class => "default_tab"}
          = render "browser_form", :show_check_boxes => true, :root_name=>params[:root_name],:suite_name=>params[:suite_name],:case_name=>params[:case_name],:name=>params[:name],:ic_filter=>1

          = render "browser_form", :show_check_boxes => true, :ics => Ic.new_ics
          - form_tag "/ics/mass_action", :method => :post do
            = hidden_field_tag "obsolete", true
            = render "obsolete_ics", :show_check_boxes => true, :ics => Ic.obsolete,:obsolete=>true,:root_name=>params[:root_name],:suite_name=>params[:suite_name],:case_name=>params[:case_name],:name=>params[:name],:ic_filter=>1
            Make Active:
            = submit_tag "Go", :name => "set_obsolete_status"
          = render "ic_stub_form"
/Execute the tree table javascript (hackish)
= javascript_tag "$('.treeTable').treeTable()"
/ Need some Ic javascript to (cascading selects, etc.)
= javascript_include_tag "pages/ic"

Thanks for your help in advance, Ramya.

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You can store the chosen tab in a clientside cookie then active it with javascript –  Benjamin Udink ten Cate Jan 2 '12 at 9:17
Yes. There is a way to do it. Let us do it this way, you share some more information about what kinda tabs you're using, what JavaScript frameworks and probably post some relevant code of what you've already tried. And, then we see where you're stuck or need help and if possible try to bring you out of that situation. –  Syed Aslam Jan 2 '12 at 9:28
@syed I have updated my question with the code of my view file. right now #all_ics.tab_container.table_wrapper{:class => "default_tab"} ,my default tab. Please help me out here. –  ramya Jan 2 '12 at 9:45
@Benjamin I have downloaded the jquery cookie plugin.I do not know how to integrate it with my application. –  ramya Jan 2 '12 at 9:46

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