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Right now i am developing web-application using CMS like Joomla, Wordpress etc..

But i found that there are some limitations, so i am thinking to switch into Core PHP or frameworks like codeigniter or zend.

Can anyone help me to decide one?

Thanks in advance

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Even the Related section on the rights show X threads with the same question and it's mostly the same answer: Choose the one which fits best to your needs!

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first you should be clear with core php.. if you are strong with that you can work with any frameworks or CMS

Cake php and codigniter is the easiest framework which can you learn faster.

In CMS--->Magento has a good scope in future.

pls vote up if ur ok with that answer

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I feel codigniter is easy. If you are not very strong in PHP then it is always better to work on wordpress CMS. Here you will get a lot of free plugins. If you feel you need some thing more which is not available then you can write your own plugin. So you no need to write everything from scratch.

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