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I am trying to post an apprequest to a user using the URL:’This is a new message from the pgm’&data='t1t2t3t4’&access_token=ACCESS_TOKEN_RECEIVED_FROM_FB&method=post

I am getting the following error:

Response Message Bad Request Response Code 400 App Request ID: 400 Bad Request

Method Not Implemented Invalid method in request

Note: I got the access token and the same url works fine in the browser (Chrome).

Am I missing something? Couldn't find much in the documentation!


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You need to url-encode your parameters. The browser does this transparently to you, that's why it's working there. Assuming you're using php:

  "message"      => "This is a new message from the pgm",
  "data"         => "t1t2t3t4",
  "access_token" => ACCESS_TOKEN_RECEIVED_FROM_FB,
  "method"       => "post"

This will take care of the encoding and joining parameters via amperstand characters. The return value is:

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That helps! thanks Maerlyn BTW I am using java – Vel Jan 2 '12 at 15:51

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