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A page has the title "Systemadministrator (m/w) | Dresden". I use a vertical line (pipe) letter. When I render the title in typo3 (via dataWrap) it will only show "Systemadministrator (m/w)Dresden" (without the vertical line letter).

Is it possible to use the vertical line letter for titles, header, etc. without worrying that TYPO3 may interpret it as a Code (pipe)?

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The pipe symbol is used in TypoScript for option split. So you will have to escape this symbol. You can use | and as far as I know this is also the only way, although it's kind of ugly to use such a HTML work a round.

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dataWrap automatically invokes stdWrap that uses pipe as a seperator, you should be able to use insertData instead, try changing:

MyObject.value.dataWrap = some stuff {page : title} some other stuff


MyObject.value = some stuff {page : title} some other stuff
MyObject.value.insertData = 1

see http://typo3.org/documentation/document-library/core-documentation/doc_core_tsref/4.6.0/view/1/5/#id2618446

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