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I'm downloading some big files(2GB) and also I'm running a Matlab script which is unpacking the data and do some simulation, this script run as a cronjob, and sometimes the cronjob is starting before the download has finished. How can I check in Matlab whether the file is still open (downloading and writing)?

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I think you should use a .lock file...

Your cronjob should create a .lock file before starting downloading, and remove after it's done.

Your matlab script can check if the .lock file is there, to know if the file is being used by the cronjob.

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I'm starting manually the download, that not a cronjob – OHLÁLÁ Jan 2 '12 at 12:59
So, instead of manually downloading it, make a script that create the .lock file, download, and then remove it. – Oli Jan 3 '12 at 13:52

While you could go spelunking in /proc/*/fds to find the file, such a solution would be impractical, error-prone, and require the downloader and the matlab script to be running as the same user.

Instead of that, just download to a temporary directory or file and move the file once the download has finished.

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