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I sometimes see people using the Activity.onAttachedToWindow method but personally, I did never use it. When reading it's documentation it appears to me as it would be almost the same as onStart().

One thing I assume is: onAttachedToWindow is invoked before onCreate() onStop is invoked after.

Am I right with this assumption? What are the behalfs of both and when do you use which?

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for onStart()/onStop() see this:stackoverflow.com/a/8516056/265167 –  Yaqub Ahmad Jan 2 '12 at 12:14

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This is called when the view is attached to a window. At this point it has a Surface and will start drawing. Note that this function is guaranteed to be called before onDraw(android.graphics.Canvas), however it may be called any time before the first onDraw -- including before or after onMeasure(int, int).

Activity Lifecycle is explained here.

I found that "starting new activity (Theme.Dialog styled) from onAttachedToWindow() greatly improves response time if comparing to starting it from onCreate()"

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