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Hi I want to drag button/textview or any control to inside linear layout/relative layout . Then if i move control in layout , control cannot move outside from layout . It move only inside the layout?

please suggest me usable link or sample code.

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You should use some Listener for your needs, like this -

public interface DropListener {

 * Called when an item is to be dropped.
 * @param from - index item started at.
 * @param to - index to place item at.
    void onDrop(int from, int to);

I've answered one question here. This may be helpful to you.

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use this link for dragging control in layout.link contain useful sample code.

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Thanks guy . I have used this link . but problem is that i need to drop inside a layout not in whole screen. –  Sushant Bhatnagar Jan 2 '12 at 13:21

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