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How can we convert bitmap to SVG programmatically in Android?

SVG Library for android

This library is used to manipulate SVG file.

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How did you solve the problem? did you find a library? –  Pedro Teran Dec 4 '14 at 13:40

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You can't convert a raster based image to a vector based image, as the underlying data is completely different, you can read a bit more about the differences on Wikipedia for example:
'Converting' between the two are not a possibility, but there are different algorithms for approximating a conversion. Many programs used for vector drawing (e.g. adobe illustrator or incscape) have options for auto-tracing i.e. fitting vectors to a raster image to get a close result to the original.

In your case, you will either have to come up with your own tracing algorithm, or have a pre-made svg file that you load using the library.

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You can use a raster-to-vector (vectorization) library such as potrace or autotrace, and create an Android native library out of it.

Unfortunately I do not know any such vectorization library entierely made in Java, which would have made the port to Android simpler.

You have to check if the libraries I mentionned above can be easily adapted to native android code (for example, they have to cross-compile to an ARM architecture; you may have dependencies issues too).

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