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i need to prevent a view to be rendered in a specified case but i can't understand how to prevent it to render.

I tried


but nothing happened, probably because i'm using an API engine that manage rendering differently from regular controllers. Anyone know any trick to do this?

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Using $this->layout = 'ajax' does not seem to be enough.

But using these both lines works:

$this->layout = 'ajax'; 
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Try to use ajax layout $this->layout = 'ajax' this is the default empty layout, which is used for ajax methods.

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While searching for a solution, I found this answer. Now when using CakePHP 2.4.x, you could use the following code in your controller:

$this->layout = false;

This will lead to just the view being rendered, without a layout.

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without knowing anything about API engine you're using, maybe try to make empty layout with empty content and call it in controller as $this->layout = 'empty_layout'

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