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I am trying to use localstorage from my local web APP, here is the WebView initialization part:

static class MyWebView extends WebView
            public MyWebView(Context context)


            //enable support for DOM Storage and Database

            String databasePath = context.getDir("database", Context.MODE_PRIVATE).getPath();


        } }

and Here is the test app on JavaScript:

function testStorage() 
        var storage = window.localStorage;
        if (storage) {
            try {
                storage.setItem("name", "Hello World!"); //saves to the database, “key”, “value”
            } catch (e) {

                    alert(e.message); //data wasn’t successfully saved due to quota exceed so throw an error
            document.write(storage.getItem("name")); //Hello World!
        else {
            alert('Your browser does not support HTML5 localStorage. Because Storage is' + storage);

but the problem is that the localStorage is always null, I have checked the permissions and created a WebChromeClient with

            public void onExceededDatabaseQuota(String url,
                    String databaseIdentifier,
                    long currentQuota,
                    long estimatedSize,
                    long totalUsedQuota,
                    WebStorage.QuotaUpdater quotaUpdater)
                quotaUpdater.updateQuota(estimatedSize * 2);

which never gets called. Anyone knows why?


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Have you set your custom WebCromeClient on the WebView? – Flo Jan 2 '12 at 13:00
yes, I have using webView.setWebChromeClient ... – Ali Jan 2 '12 at 13:02

Have you tried just enabling the setting as per this answer :

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