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I'm using OpenOffice to convert documents to pdf/xls; Main system where usually is running Openoffice is Linux;

There(in openoffice) is such thing as XML filters; A have package of those filters and usually to import this package I using(from launched openoffice): Tools->XML Filter settings ->open package;

It's like little converting server, but there is one problem -> system needs X server to be running;

So is there a way to import this XML filter package to Openoffice(or Libre office) from command line?

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You can run OpenOffice 'headless' and send scripts to it. It looks a bit complex:

You might find this easier with LibreOffice or IBM Lotus Symphony.

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      libreoffice --invisible --convert-to xls --outdir 'directory where the converted files will go' 'original file' 
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