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I'd like to know if there is an easy way to duplicate a subversion repository without having access to the filesystem. Meaning that I have read-only access with the HTTP interface.

Basically, I'd like to have my own locally-hosted copy of a repository for an open-source project. They provide anonymous access to the subversion repo as usual.

I've looked through the docs, and I guess my Google-fu is good enough because I couldn't find any reference to doing something like this.

So basically I want to download all the revisions, and be able to import them into my own repo using svnadmin.

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I think you're wanting svnsync:

svnadmin create /localsvn
svnsync init file:///localsvn http://domain/svn
synsync sync file:///localsvn

You'll have to enable the pre-revprop-change hook in your local repository or svnsync will complain.

But, just repeat the last command as necessary.

Note that svnsync commands require URL arguments.

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It's worth noting that svnsync only grabs the necessary changes to bring your repository up to date, so is quite efficient. Also you must not modify the local repository yourself - just use svnsync. –  Jim T May 15 '09 at 20:13
Ah, that's very helpful, thanks Jonathan. Unfortunately, the repo is hitting me up for a username & password, even though it allows anonymous checkouts. So I'll have to wait until the admin can help me after all. I may look into some of those conversion tools to export a project into another VCS as well. I just couldn't seem to find anything for svn -> svn. –  James Graves May 15 '09 at 20:43
It turns out that Mercurial has several tools along these lines, including something built in as well as hgsvn. –  James Graves May 15 '09 at 21:21
@James Graves: you can pass username and password with these options: --sync-username svnsync --sync-password syncpassword –  Wim Coenen May 15 '09 at 23:32

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