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Here I want to get sum total of a person's monthly payment as a report. More than one payment is possible for a month by the same person.

My database looks like:

id    member_id              date            amount_paid
12       54(jaison)        2011-10-25          500
13       54(jaison)        2011-10-31          1500
14       55(ram)           2011-03-24           600
15       55(ram)           2011-03-31           400

So my problem is in the front end I want to see the data like this:

name       jan    feb    mar     apr     may    jun     jul   aug   sep   oct   nov    dec
jaison                                                                    2000
Ram                      1000
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whats the question? Or do you just want us to code this for you? – Jakub Jan 2 '12 at 20:51

You need to Group By MemberID and month in the query which is accessing the payment table.

Do you want to know the SQL command to query the DB?

SELECT month(date) as mon, member_id, sum(amount_paid) as amount FROM table GROUP BY mon,member_id
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