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Possible Duplicate:
Geting value count from an Oracle Table

I have a simple query on 2 tables A and B

Table A

Table B

The query is:

  from A, B 
 where A.Location = B.Location

In the result of this query, I would like to add another column with the count of all locations in B which have the same SKU as returned by the above query.

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There are plenty of questions on here with the answer you're looking for; for instance stackoverflow.com/questions/7239476/… is fairly close – Ben Jan 2 '12 at 15:54
Hi ben...You may be right. In fact I did search across but could not find a close match myself and hence posted this question in good faith. In any case, the questions was closed and I was banned from asking more questions. This is harsh on me. Appreciate if you could upvote if you feel the question was asked in good faith. – Guddu Feb 5 '13 at 14:57
I didn't say that you did not ask in good faith @guddo, you'll notice that I didn't vote to close the question. I've cleaned up a couple of your questions (and upvoted one) but you should essentially do what the link you received states. – Ben Feb 5 '13 at 15:58
Thanks a lot Ben...Much appreciated....As of now I am working double hard to get my ban lifted :-) – Guddu Feb 5 '13 at 15:59
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I'm making the assumption here that you want A.Location, B.SKU and then the count of B.Location values that exist for B.SKU. If that is true then it should just be a left outer join:

Select A.Location, B.SKU, Count(B.Location)
B Left outer join A on (B.Location = A.Location)
Where B.SKU in ( /* value */ )
group by A.Location, B.SKU

The only thing to note here is that for each A.Location returned for a SKU, you will see a line with that location, the SKU and the repeated count:

Location1, ABC, 100
Location2, ABC, 100

Location3, ABC, 100

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You should look into the Oracle analytical functions. This allows you to add aggregate columns (such as count) without grouping the data.

So, perhaps something like this:

 select A.LOCATION, B.SKU, count(b.location) over (partition by sku) as locskucount
  from A, B
 where A.Location=B.Location
 order by a.location

This will give you a count of locations per SKU.

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