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I'm using MEF in order to inject UnityContainer into the plugins in my application.

each one of the Plugins hold panels.

I want to transfer the Unity container into the panels also by MEF.

I need to use the Unity in the constructor of the panels.

The problem is that the Unity is not getting initialized.

So, I use the CompositionContainer.ComposeParts(panel) in the Plugin after I created the panel. The problem is that I want to use the Unity in the constructor of the panels.

I don't want to send the the UnityContainer or the CompositionContainer as a parameter in the panel's constructor.


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You should post some code how you are initializing MEF (creating catalogs) and how you are using the Imports/Exports attributes. –  Toni Parviainen Jan 2 '12 at 16:30

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you dont have posted some code so i just assume:

if you do it that way:

public class Bar
   public Bar(IMyImportedService service)
      //service should not be null

if you do it this way

public class Bar
   private IMyImportedService service;

   public Bar()
      //service should be null, because you have to implement IPartImportsSatisfiedNotificationand use OnImportsSatisfied
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