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I have the following: A wpf window with a scrollviewer and a Print button.

I am trying to print the content of the scrollviewer using the PrintDialog but it only works for xps. If I choose my printer or a document writer, then the final result is awful(half a page margin, controls cut, etc). How can I solve this issue without resizing/scaling the content of he scrollviewer?

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For decent (and relatively easy) printing in WPF, you should be using a FlowDocumentScrollViewer instead of a ScrollViewer. Inside the FlowDocumentScrollViewer, you can then place a FlowDocument, which will contain the content that you want to print.

Sample XAML:

    <FlowDocument PagePadding="48">
                <Run Text="sample"/>

The 'BlockUIContainer' object is great for holding a usercontrol that can contain anything you need. The 'PagePadding' property of the FlowDocument sets the margin. 48 is equivalent to 1/2 inch. (96 dpi).

Sample print code:

Dim pd As New PrintDialog
If pd.ShowDialog Then

    Dim fd As FlowDocument = docOutput

    Dim pg As DocumentPaginator = CType(fd, IDocumentPaginatorSource).DocumentPaginator

    pd.PrintDocument(pg, "my document")

End If
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Thanks for the idea. The code generates and prints the first page, but the content is still cut. Do I have to adjust some margins or w/h? –  phm Jan 3 '12 at 9:36
@phm - Can you post some screenshots and/or code, so we can see exactly what the problem is? –  Stewbob Jan 3 '12 at 13:44

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