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I am using ASP.NET Ajaxcontrol toolkit in my project and want to upload the same file twice (consecutively), this dosent happen at all (control dosent initate any event).

I saw the source code of the control and the event to initiate a upload call is input type="file" onchange and saw that the onchange event dosent get fired at all if we select the same file again.

If we (human user) clear the file name in the box provided and then select the same file again then then event dose gets fired.

So i tried to clear the value using JavaScript but found that the Value property is readonly in latest version of IE.

I have a also tried to replace the input=file type with new one in JQuery and also used one of the property of control called PersistFile="false"

Tried all of these Attempted Solution 1

Attempted Solution 2

Attempted Solution 3

Attempted Solution 4

Attempted Solution 5

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First of all why are you want to upload the same file twice? You can just save it twice isn't it simpler? –  IamStalker Jan 2 '12 at 19:07
I am using the Asyncfile upload control to attach files to email. I have provided the UI which is similar to all other Email services with an Add button to add attachments and Remove Button to Delete attachments (I have hidden the AsyncFileupload control from UI but its being used internally). Now the problem is if the User attachs a file and removes it (lets say makes some changes) and then if he tries reattach, it nothing happens (he is stuck there only). –  Guru Kara Jan 3 '12 at 1:39

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