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I have installed the Java EE SDK on my Windows machine and I got a glassfish3 folder. Which files, and how do I add the libraries needed in IntelliJ? And is the servlet api included in the sdk?

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It depends on what you are going to develop. Normally IDEA needs just Java SE SDK and when you need Java EE features, you specify an application server in Settings | Application Servers.

Application server libraries include servlet and many other Java EE APIs. In IntelliJ IDEA module settings application server is added as a dependency so that all the APIs will be available for code completion, running and debugging.

Check out Tomcat and other tutorials if you are just starting.

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You can create a project and once a basic setup with Java EE support is created, hit F4 on the module. This will open up the module settings (you can also right click on a module and open the Module Settings item).

This is your one stop entry for all things settings. You can add a library, module library, global SDK etc from here.

Generally, when you create a library, you can specify all the directories under which you have your jars.

For example: In your case, you might need to add servlet.jar in the project path. Just add a library with the Jar directory path in which the servlet jar exists.

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