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i'm using a solr instance as a datasource for the jquery autocompletion ui plugin. from the request i get a label and an id for the search value back as a json string. currently both values are displayed in the autocompletion box, e.g. if a type "re" i get a label where "re" is in and the id of that item in two seperate rows, e.g.



what i would like to achieve is to get only the item label as a link and the id as a parameter for that link, so if i search for "res" that i get just ONE list entry as a link and if i hover it that i get a link like:

one solution i thought would work is on JQuery UI Autocompletion - Adding a action link to each result item . even with this solution i get two list result (the searchterm result and the appropriate id)

i modified the code from the above link to:

            source: '{{ path('MyRemotSource_search') }}',
            minLength: 2,

     $.ui.autocomplete.prototype._renderItem = function (ul, item) {
         return $('<li><li />').data('item.autocomplete', item)
        .append('<li></li>').add('<a href="'+item.value+'">'+ item.label+ '</a>')

I would appreciate any help for this issue.

Best regards, Ramo

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You could do something like this:

$.ui.autocomplete.prototype._renderItem = function(ul, item) {
    var a = $('<a>', {
        href: "" + item.value,
        text: item.label
    var $li = $('<li>');
    return $li.append(a).data('item.autocomplete', item).appendTo(ul);

I setup a remote call just for the show you that it works

Fiddle here

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Hi thank you for the answer. i'm not getting it 100%. have to look what all that ajax definition are, that you made. – ramo Jan 2 '12 at 17:28
@ramo the ajax part was only to have some data and set-up the fiddle, should work with any source that provide objects with label and avlue – Nicola Peluchetti Jan 2 '12 at 17:40
i guess my problem are the results i get from solr. i still get the double entries (id and label) in two seperate rows. how does a json string have to look like? or do i need a jsonp object? – ramo Jan 2 '12 at 17:48
a single item should be { label: "Mil, Guinea-Bissau", value: "Mil"}, probably the problem is in what solr returns – Nicola Peluchetti Jan 2 '12 at 17:50
so, could i return an array where a gather the results i get from solr, like this: array(20) { [0]=> string(50) "{"label":"HP 1GB DDR2-400 ECC reg","value":"978"}" [1]=> string(50) "{"label":"HP Memory 4GB REG PC2700","value":"998"}" etc. ? Or do i need some extra steps on javascript side now? – ramo Jan 2 '12 at 18:22

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