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My development environment is as follows:

Grails version: 1.3.7.RELEASE

Follow the steps below:

  1. mkdir GrailsProjects
  2. cd GrailsProjects
  3. grails create-plugin grails-domain
  4. cd grails-domain
  5. grails create-domain-class Book
  6. cd ..
  7. grails create-plugin grails-service
  8. cd grails-service
  9. grails create-service BookService
  10. Add

    grails.plugin.location."grails-domain" = "../grails-domain"

    at the top of the file BuildConfig.groovy in the grails-service project

  11. Using a text editor, change the content of the file Book.groovy to:

    package grails.domain
    class Book {
        String name
        static constraints = {
  12. Change the content of the file BookService.groovy to:

    package grails.service
    import grails.domain.Book
    class BookService {
        static transactional = true
        def someMethod() {
            def book = Book.findByName("Fooled by randomness")

On trying to call the method BookService.someMethod, Grails is unable to find the findByName method on Book. is visible inside BookService.someMethod, which indicates that the grails-service plugin project is able to resolve the code in the grails-domain plugin project.

The steps are exactly as listed above; no additional steps have been performed.

Is this expected behaviour with Grails plugin projects? Is there a different way to separate domain and service classes with Grails?

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I followed your steps line by line. In addition, I added a controller in grails-service so that I could easily call my service method via run-app. I did a run-app from the grails-service plugin and it worked as expected. – Gregg Jan 2 '12 at 18:41
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Thanks @david. I had not reached a point where the plugins were integrated with a web app so I had not tested with controllers. I was merely trying to test the concept of plugins using unit tests. I was invoking BookService.someMethod from BookServiceTests that was created automatically when I created the service.

I found out that the domain classes have to be mocked during unit testing in order to get all the GORM functionality, including the dynamic finders. I added mockDomain(Book, []) to BookServiceTests.setUp to get the unit tests working.

Things are working fine for me now.

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If using Grails 2.0, use @Mock annotation. – manish Jan 16 '12 at 7:56

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