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In my custom module, I want to take some action when various stages of the checkout process are completed. I am using the Magento event dispatch system to achieve this. Unfortunately the event dispatch system in the core product seems a bit haphazard. One checkout stage is when the user enters their billing address. When using the one page checkout method, I can have an observer for the event:


I am not sure if that is the best event to signify a billing address has been entered, but it seems to work ok.

When using the multishipping checkout process, I can’t see a relevant event I can listen for. Billing address and Payment method are on the same checkout stage. The most relevant event I can come up with is:


which is also fired on Place Order.

Is there a better way of doing this?

Thank you.

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Log and grep, my friend, log and grep :) I logged all events while going through a Multi-Shipping checkout flow and here's a dump of the goods.

Not de-duping the list on purpose in case it's of interest which events are fired multiple times and in what order:

controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_index controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_index controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_addresses controller_action_layout_render_before_checkout_multishipping_addresses controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_addresses controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_addressesPost checkout_type_multishipping_set_shipping_items controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_addressesPost controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_shipping controller_action_layout_render_before_checkout_multishipping_shipping controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_shipping controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_shippingPost checkout_controller_multishipping_shipping_post controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_shippingPost controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_billing controller_action_layout_render_before_checkout_multishipping_billing controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_billing controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_overview controller_action_layout_render_before_checkout_multishipping_overview controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_overview controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_overviewPost checkout_type_multishipping_create_orders_single controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_overviewPost controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_success checkout_multishipping_controller_success_action controller_action_layout_render_before_checkout_multishipping_success controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_success

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That's what I'm doing, but I go one step further and also look at what stage the events are fired. For instance, controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_billing looks interesting, but is actually fired when the "Continue to billing information" button is clicked from the "Shipping Information" stage of the checkout process, i.e. before the billing address stage. At the stage the billing address is entered (the "Billing Information" stage), the best candidate appears to be the one I mentioned in my post. –  user265330 Jan 3 '12 at 15:37
Gotcha, my bad, sorry for assuming you weren't already doing that. I think that based on the sheer volume of events that got fired in that process I assumed there would have to be one in there to meet your needs. Are you saying that for example controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_addressesPost is less relevant than controller_action_postdispatch_checkout_multishipping_overview for your purposes? –  kalenjordan Jan 4 '12 at 5:24
Hello. The controller_action_predispatch_checkout_multishipping_addressesPost event is fired when moving from the "Shipping Information" stage to the "Billing Information" stage, but I was looking to find when a user had completed their Billing Address in the checkout process, which would be when moving from the "Billing Information" stage to the "Place Order" stage. –  user265330 Jan 4 '12 at 13:07
Ah, right...are you saying no multishipping events whatsoever fire when moving from Billing Information to Place Order? –  kalenjordan Jan 5 '12 at 4:23

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