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I have a model Entry

class Entry(db.Model):
    year = db.StringProperty()

and for whatever reason the last name field is stored in a different model LastName:

class LastName(db.Model):
    entry = db.ReferenceProperty(Entry, collection_name='last_names')
    last_name = db.StringProperty()

If I query Entry and sort it by year (or any other property) using .order() how would I then sort that by the last name? I'm new to python but coming from Java I would guess there's some kind of comparator equivalent; or I'm completely wrong and there's another way to do it. I for sure cannot change my model at this point in time, though that may be the solution later. Any suggestions?

EDIT: I'm currently paginating through the results using offsets (moving to cursors soon, but I think it would be the same issue). So if I try to sort outside of the datastore I would only be sorting the current set; it's possible that the first page will be all 'B's and the second page will have 'A's, so it will only be sorted by page not by overall set. Am I screwed the way my models are currently set up?

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A few issues here.

There's no way to do this sorting directly in the datastore API, either in Python or Java - as you no doubt know, the datastore is non-relational, and indirect lookups like this aren't supported.

If this was just a straight one-to-one relationship, which gave you an accessor from the Entry entity to the LastName one, you could use the standard Python sort function to sort the list:

entries.sort(key=lambda e: e.last_name.last_name)

(note that this sorts the list in place but returns None, so don't try assigning from it).

However, this won't work, because what you've actually got here is a one-to-many relationship: there are potentially many LastNames for each Entry. The definition actually recognises this: the collection_name attribute, which defines the accessor from Entry to LastName, is called last_names, ie plural.

So what you're asking doesn't really make sense: which of the potentially many LastNames do you want to sort on? You can certainly do it the other way round - given a query of LastNames, sort by entry year - but given your current structure there's not really any way of doing it.

I must say though, although I don't know the rest of your models, I suspect you have actually got that relationship the wrong way round: the ReferenceProperty should probably live on Entry pointing to LastName rather than the other way round as it is now. Then it would simply be the sort call I gave above.

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It's a very weird schema (is that term use in GAE?). The Entry class is actually where all the main information I need lives (there's more than just the year property). This app is a work in progress so as I learn more about GAE I make corrections. That being said, at this point I need to sort on only the first last name in the last_names collection. –  Eliezer Jan 3 '12 at 2:37
@Eliezer Which is the 'first'? There's no natural order for entities other than key, which is arbitrary. In any case, this should almost certainly not be a separate property, but rather a list property on the original Entry. –  Nick Johnson Jan 3 '12 at 4:38
What I'm saying is that it should just arbitrarily pull one last name from the collection and sort on that. I know its a little weird but which name it pulls doesn't matter as long as its sorting something. Either way I think I'm going to add it as a list property in Entry. Thanks! –  Eliezer Jan 3 '12 at 9:07

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