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I have the following as part of some code - you can see it at

    if (txt.val().length >= 10 && (event.keyCode != 46 || event.keyCode != 8 || event.keyCode != 9)) {
        alert(txt.val().length + "keycode = " + event.keyCode);
        $('.onlynumbers').text("10 digits in mobile").show(200);

The idea is to prevent someone entering more than 10 digits and display a message.

I would have expected the line

if(txt.val().length >= 10 && (event.keyCode != 46 || event.keyCode != 8 || event.keyCode != 9))

to allow a tab, backspace or delete to be used, however as you can see in the fiddle, they get past the if statement and trigger the alert - which will even show that that the length = 10 and the keyCode = 9.

It looks fine to me, obviously it isn't. Am I missing something or will this be a DOH! moment?

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hi was having a bit of a play with this as haven't really worked too much with jquery, I ignored your html etc and here's what I came up with. Some things I noticed was esc was only identified on keyup and the keyboard on my laptop differs slightly in keycoding from this resource which I think has something to do the number pad (or lack of in my case). Hopes this helps in someway – T I Jan 2 '12 at 22:12
Thanks Tom appreciate your input – Steve Jan 3 '12 at 1:01

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You should do:

if (txt.val().length >= 10 && event.keyCode != 46 && event.keyCode != 8 && event.keyCode != 9) {
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Damned booleans! Thanks – Steve Jan 2 '12 at 21:03

It should be

if(txt.val().length >= 10 && (event.keyCode != 46 && event.keyCode != 8 && event.keyCode != 9))

in the beggining of code as you want to catch ALL but those three. Also, don't forget the arrows as they can be used to move and edit the number.

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Yep, arrows were coming, just wanted to clear this hurdle - +1 for the suggestion – Steve Jan 2 '12 at 21:03

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