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I've got a project to port a mobile application I've done for Android phones to iPhone (and Symbian / WP7). I was just wondering if it all could be done in PhoneGap. My personal experience with it is zero, as is with Symbian development too. What I've read, I think the learning curve for PhoneGap is steepish compared to Symbian. I have a pretty solid HTML + CSS background.

The app I need to port has...

  • repeating Notifications – most important feature (one day interval after one month has passed since last db record)
  • a small local database (SQlite)
  • parse remote xml file (child browser could be considered here as this is also presented in flash format).
  • list of addresses and google maps integration

Is this all doable in PhoneGap with minimum native code needed? If I understood the docs correctly, PhoneGap does not support native alarm manager API, anyway around this? I saw notification plugins for both iPhone and Android so I think that could be handled.

Any thoughts are all well appriciated, thank you!

Especially that repeating background service/notification thing seems to be hard/impossible with PhoneGap itself, am I correct?
Any good book recommendations are also welcome.
Any good PhoneGap plugins site are also welcome. (In addition to the PhoneGap's official plugin page)
Any good resources for developing / learning.

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You can do all that with PhoneGap. Yes. If you don't find a PhoneGap plugin that suits your needs 100%, it's easy to extend PGPlugin and implement it's functions. Go for it!!!

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hi, thanks for your input. I've edited the question. I tried to look for plugings but all I ended up was PhoneGap's official plugin page. PhoneGap Beginner's Guide and Beginning PhoneGap are also bought, any other good books / resources? –  micadelli Jan 3 '12 at 14:04

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