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In a Magento shop I want to show prices including and excluding tax. So I have configured the prices to show like this. But for product options, I want prices only to show including tax.

The prices excluding tax can't be selected with a CSS selector, so can't be hidden with CSS.

The option price html is generated by the protected _formatPrice function of the abstract Mage_Catalog_Block_Product_View_Options_Abstract class.

I want to override this function with my own. I have created a module Company/ProdOptionsOnlyIncluding.

This module contains one class located in app/local/Company/ProdOptionsOnlyIncluding/Block/Abstract.php:

class Company_ProdOptionsOnlyIncluding_Block_Abstract extends
    protected function _formatPrice($value, $flag=true)
         // code

The module contains a config.xml to make sure the new class is used:

<?xml version="1.0"?>

The module is enabled, but the function is not overridden, because the output doesn't change. I think config.xml is not correct. How can I override this function?

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Your class is Company_ProdOptionsOnlyIncluding_Block_Abstract yet in the file you have called it Company_ProdOptionsOnlyIncluding_Abstract. It is missing a "Block".

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Thanks, I fixed it. But this doesn't solve the problem. –  i.amniels Jan 2 '12 at 22:08

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