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I have this query to search in two SQL tables. I am looking for a way to sort the result by occurrence. This is my query:

SELECT `parent_id`
FROM wp_forum_posts
WHERE text LIKE '%{$term1}%'
FROM wp_forum_threads
WHERE subject LIKE '%{$term1}%

Which is the best way, to get the results ordered?

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by occurance of either id? regardless of table? –  xQbert Jan 2 '12 at 21:59

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The trick is first to use UNION ALL, which preserves duplicates (ordinary UNION removes duplicates), then select from that result. This query should do it:

select * from (
    select parent_id as mID, count(*) as cnt
    from wp_forum_posts
    where text like '%{$term1}%'
    group by 1
    select id, count(*)
    FROM wp_forum_threads
    where subject like '%{$term1}%
    group by 1) x
order by 2, 1
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Assumes ID and parent_ID are not duplicates in tables otherwise you can get 2 rows per an id... and would you want them summed together if so then are parent_ID and ID related?

Select mID, cnt
(SELECT `parent_id` as mID, count(`parent_ID`) as cnt
FROM wp_forum_posts
WHERE text LIKE '%{$term1}%'
Group by `parent_ID`
SELECT `id`, count(`id`) as cnt
FROM wp_forum_threads
WHERE subject LIKE '%{$term1}%
GROUP BY `id`)
Order by cnt ASC, mID
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Yes, id and parent_id are the same values. –  user998163 Jan 2 '12 at 22:07

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