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Is there a way to make MatrixForm display a row vector horizontally on the line and not vertically as it does for column vectors? As this confuses me sometimes. Do you think it will be hard to write wrapper around matrix form to adjust this behavior?

For example, here is a 2 by 2 matrix. The rows display the same as the columns. Both are shown vertical.

enter image description here

Question: Is it possible to make MatrixForm display row vectors laid out horizontally and not vertically?

Sorry if this was asked before, a quick search shows nothing.


update (1)

fyi, this is in Matlab, it prints rows horizontally and column vertically automatically, I was hoping for something like this. But I'll use suggestion by Heike below for now as it solves this at the cost of little extra typing.

enter image description here

update (2) Using Hilderic solution is nice also, I always had hard time printing 3D matrix in a way I can read it. Here it is now using the {} trick

enter image description here

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MatrixForm[twoRowsMatrix[[1, All]], TableDirections -> Row] should work. –  Heike Jan 2 '12 at 21:59
@Heike, thanks! that helps. I wish MatrixForm would figure this out byitself, but I guess it would be hard. Since passing it a list, it does not know if it a row vector or a column vector! I guess I just have to add this option now whenever I know what I am printing is a row. This help. –  Nasser Jan 2 '12 at 22:07

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For both arrayname[[All,1]] and arrayname[[1,All]], Part delivers a vector, and MatrixForm has no way of determining which "orientation" it has. Accordingly, it always prints vectors as columns.

About the only thing you can do is provide your own output routine for row vectors, e.g., by wrapping it in an enclosing list, converting it back to a (single-row) matrix:

rowVector[a_List] := MatrixForm[{a}]
columnVector = MatrixForm   (*for symmetry*)

It's still up to you to remember whether a vector came from a row or a column, though.

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For "about the only thing you can do", read "the only was I know how to do it". Thanks for the information about TableDirections, Heike. I'd probably still use helper functions, but this saves rewrapping the row. –  Hilderic Browne Jan 2 '12 at 22:15
+1, I like your solution, easy to just add an extra {} when needed. I also tried on printing 3D matrix, and does print the 3D matrix the way I like it now, where before it was confusing. Please see edit (2). –  Nasser Jan 3 '12 at 0:41

Or you could just cook up your own RowForm function, e.g.:

RowForm[(m_)?VectorQ] := Row[{"(",Row[m,"  "], 
     ")"}, "\[MediumSpace]"]; 



looks kind of o.k.

Alternatively, if you really just care about displaying vectors, you could do:

twoRowsMatrix = {{a11, a12}, {a21, a22}};

TakeColumn[m_?MatrixQ, i_] := (Print[MatrixForm[#]]; #) &@m[[All, i]];
TakeRow[m_?MatrixQ, i_] := (Print[MatrixForm[{#}]]; #) &@m[[i]];
TakeColumn[twoRowsMatrix, 1]
TakeRow[twoRowsMatrix, 1]
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+1, good solution, but you really should not get in the habit of using UpperCase first letter for user defined functions. someone looking at RowForm function in the code might think it is a build-in function. –  Nasser Jan 3 '12 at 0:04

If you don't care about the () part, then you can append with ,{}, wrap in curly brackets, and use TableForm or Grid instead:

vec = {x, y, z};
TableForm[{vec, {}}]
Grid[{vec, {}}]
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